Infonas is a leading global carrier providing local and international telecommunication services throughout the Middle East. Established over a decade ago, Infonas has a proven track record designing first-rate telecommunications solutions to businesses large and small.

Our team has worked hard to successfully plan and deploy the world-class, fully redundant, state-of-the-art infrastructure which we use today. Infonas has invested in premium, top-grade equipment in order to ensure that our dedicated Account Managers are able to provide tailored solutions which are individually designed for the needs of our clients.

Unlike other telecommunications providers, we do not buy and resell capacity because we have our own bespoke network within the GCC and have well-established partnerships with carriers which extends our reach globally. Infonas can therefore ensure that your organization will receive the highest level of service continuity and support for all of your local and international communication requirements due to our direct interconnects with international carriers and direct peering with major exchanges.

Client: Infonas
Year: 2015
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