Peaches Confetti

Client: Peaches Confetti
Year: 2018
Service: Social Media Management
Instagram: @peachesconfetti

We love chocolate; we love sweets; and above all we understand how they should be crafted.

We have spent over a decade in Europe and the UK exploring a wide-range of chocolates and sweets. Peaches Confetti aspires to share this longstanding and distinguished passion with you.

So let us be revolutionary – the confectionery market in Bahrain is not so great. After all, Qatar, UAE, and Saudi Arabia have garnered leading international brands that Bahrain does not currently possess.

Bahrain’s confectionery sector needs a substantial makeover – and indeed Peaches Confetti has all the tools to lead this new drive to advance Bahrain’s confectionery sector.

Peaches Confetti is built upon the principle of competitiveness. We have worked hard to deliver hand crafted and unique items of confectionery at competitive prices.

Visit us for indulgent chocolate and sweet treats!