April 6, 2019

Alert: Graphic Design Trends for 2019

This is such an interesting topic, especially for those working in the design industry! There are trends that change slowly over time, just look at the long evolution of ‘flat design’ that lasted a period of time, while others seem to have vanished overnight and (in retrospect) make you cringe. 2019 is shaping up to be a year of crazy designs, serious experimentation and letting imaginations run wild and free.

Here are some of the best… and the not-quite-right designs to look out for in 2019!

Text Based Design

Purely fonts and test as the illustration with no photography or illustration elements.

The Verdict: Makes our heads spin… and not in a good way! Plus it kinda feels like a colour-blindness test, doesn’t it?


Semi-transparent solid colour geometric shapes are placed over black and white photographs to create a bold impact and contrast between color and photography.

The Verdict:With the right photo… and the right colour… wow! Just wow!



We’re seeing it everywhere now! An image is distorted with noise and digital interference.

The Verdict: Hmmm… it’s ok we guess! There’s something kinda retro and vintage-y about this. Not sure if it’s a keeper though.

Colour Channel

It’s like you took some image and broke down all the colors of CMYK / RGB and then took those channels and overlaid them with some transparency.

The Verdict: Love, love, love! Where have you been all my life?


Nothing new here. It’s just “how” it’s done that’s changed.

The Verdict: Once phased out, is making an absolutely gorgeous come back and we couldn’t be happier!

Double Exposure

This has been around for a few years now, yet designers are only just really getting stuck into playing around with this.

The Verdict: Gorgeous, albeit new-age-y and borderline risqué.


Juxtapose ultra-simple with unexpected-modern… as immortalized by Google.

The Verdict: We likey! We likey a lot!


Don’t get us wrong… we like curves, but this is a little bit overkill by now, isn’t it? Plus it’s a bit gimmick-y, distracting, and not to mention just how much it restricts you in terms of content.

The Verdict: Nice, but overused.

Bold Typography

Some say… the bigger and bolder the better! Erm… at the risk of cheapening the aesthetic of your brand… really?

The Verdict: Our eyes just barfed! Who would have thought that was even possible?

Bright Colours

Ok… it’s 1980-something and colour TVs are in! I mean… play it cool people… yeeesh! Yes, they attract attention. Yes, they have the very likely side-effect of making users poke their eyes out!

The Verdict: OMG… kill me. Kill me now.

Abstract Geometric Noise Particle Background

I guess the very distant future is just entropy and we’re all particles lost in outer-space? Yes, very cool… but majorly overused!

The Verdict: Two thousand and… late!