June 28, 2020

2020 Design Trend Alert! What is Neumorphism?

What is Soft Design?

It seems that the only thing that hasn’t been of a chaotic nature in 2020 are its design trends. Designers have been leaning towards a soft style that plays with shadows, gradients and highlights which ultimately gives off a 3D feel to their designs.

This is known as Soft Design, or Neumorphism, which is a new approach to Skeuomorphism.

Why is Soft Design so popular?

Soft Design is a style that has become very popular in web design and infographics and has even become one of the biggest UI design trends in 2020. This is mostly due to its clean appearance. With UI in particular, Soft Design has been very well received due to its smooth and sleek design that gives off a fresh feel.

So are you looking to create your own soft design? Look no further!

  1. Use a lighter background color for the light shadow
  2. Use the same color for the background and the main element
  3. Use a darker background color for the light shadow


Use Neumorphism.io to generate the CSS to create shapes with the colors of your brand.

Here are some useful examples…