February 9, 2019

Alert: Social Media Trends for 2019

I just wanna be Insta-famous! Why is it so hard?

Here’s a quick run down of a few hot topics and trends in social media that you MUST be aware of in 2019!

Fight Harder for Engagement

Sadly, engagement rates across the board have somewhat dropped in the latter part of 2018. It is only logical to assume that in order to counter this phenomenon in 2019, one must try harder to drive engagement… but how?

• Ask questions.
• Post shareable content (that people would love to share).
• Drive conversation by replying to comments and getting insights from followers.
• High quality visuals (photos and graphics) that grab attention.

Instagram Stories are on the Rise!

It would seem that 2019 is going to be all about Instagram Stories. Treat your Insta-stories as a separate channel through which you engage. You’ll need to plan content, create designs, manage your community (through responses and direct messages).

In 2018, Insta-stories had 500 million views, versus just 180 million on Snapchat.

Insta-stories can show your community that you are ever-present and always ready to amaze them, albeit in a more fun, casual and relaxed way. Engage using GIFs, stickers, questions, polls, and all sorts of fun chatter.

New Instagram Direct Message Features

Did you know that you can now send voice messages, GIPHY’s, recorded videos and even have pre-drafted answers to support your customers through Instagram Direct Messages? So, what does this mean? You’ll need to spend more time with your Instagram inbox to really impress your customers! And expect other new features to be rolled out in 2019.

Instagram Story Ads

You should definitely consider promoting your products and services through Insta-story Ads! It’s extremely effective because, if done right, viewers may not even realize they are looking at an advert, rather will think that it’s part of their daily feed roundup and may respond or engage more readily. Pick a format that is consistent with your brand image and keep things classy – this will keep the user experience uninterrupted, yet will grab enough attention to warrant a new lead.

Note: Insta-story Photo Adverts last only 10 seconds, and Video Adverts last for up to 15 seconds, so it’s crucial to make a bold impression right away. Get the viewers attention immediately and give them every reason to find out more. Also… Insta-story Adverts are cheaper than traditional Instagram Ads… another great reason to include them in your social media marketing mix!

Tips for Insta-story Photo Adverts:

• Bright and bold photos
• Simple messaging
• Clear branding

Tips for Insta-story Video Adverts:

• Who you are
• What you do
• How you add value
• Self explanatory video
• Keep viewers plugged-in until the end
• Clear branding (video will appear to users who do not follow you)

Combination of Organic and Paid

Should I spend all my effort (and money) on organic posts only, because they are more “real” or do I create adverts too? The short answer is… both! Organic content crafts your brand image on an ongoing basis, whereas adverts will drive traffic and followership! When adverts focus on “engaging with your community” rather than a traditional “hard-sell” approach, you may just find success! Why? People have the option to block “hard-sell” adverts by opting out of seeing them again. Word to the wise… don’t turn off (pun intended) your audience by seeming too pushy!

Tell a Story and Create a Theme

Here are some examples from those who have done it best…

@jotunpaintsarabia: Gorgeous!

@pantone: Colours galore!

@personaljournalapp: Horizontal lines!

@sweatshop_nyc: Minimalism!

@dollyandoatmeal: Wow!