February 7, 2019

Building Loyalty Through Social Media

With Chobani, the social media conversation never ends!

Chobani is an American brand founded in 2005 that serves delicious and nutritious Greek yogurt. Chobani was one of those Food and Beverage brands that crushed social media recently. How? The brand company’s culture is giving back to their community, which they were able to articulate through a clearly defined social media strategy. The conversation with Chobani doesn’t end with a “Thanks!” rather with personalized gifts to their loyal fans!

Fans absolutely adored Chobani’s products and this awesome brand would strive to find new and innovative ways to please their customers… here’s how!

The brand believes that once people try their products they are going to become loyal customers and therefore are extremely generous with their products. The strategy is to recognize every comment, mention, like, favorite, tweet or a retweet of Chobani online’s presence. Through social media platforms, they were able to identify those who never tried Chobani’s yogurt and get Chobani yogurt cups into their hands.

When someone praised Chobani, Chobani would “hook them up” with a personalized gift. When someone criticizes Chobani, Chobani would fess up if they’re at fault and acknowledge their customers’ concerns with empathy and aim to put things right. Attentiveness and excellent customer service through social media is exactly what got the brand recognized in Australia as one to contend with! Chobani listens to their customers’ comments so attentively that based on popular demand, they introduced the product to the Toronto and Canada markets! They even introduced a “Black Cherry” flavour because some fans had suggested (online) that it would be a good idea… and it is!

By following this strategy, Chobani was able to build a positive relationship with their customers and gaining their loyalty. The challenge is to know where their customers are active and be there with them!

“It’s not a science over here. We just love what we do, and we listen so we can always improve.” – Chobani Team

And then there’s Chevrolet and the Bradford City football fan, David Bowers who lives in Australia – another excellent example of how to rock social media!

In 2013, David’s team qualified to the Premier League finals to face off against Swansea City in Wembley Stadium, London, England. David’s every last wish was to watch the game live. As a joke, he posted a photo of himself on Facebook with a note asking for 1 million likes to convince his wife to allow him to fly to England. To his surprise, he received thousands of likes in a very short period of time.

That’s when Chevrolet, an international football team sponsor stepped in and promoted his post pushing him up to over 1.7 million likes! They even helped finance his trip and offered him Chevrolet Volt car to use during his entire stay in England.

Chevrolet FC updates their Facebook cover photo every week, with their “Fan of the Week” i.e. those who show extraordinary passion for their favorite team. These little effortless bits of marketing by Chevrolet builds huge brand awareness through social media and helps them communicate more easily with existing and potential customers ona personal level.