December 1, 2015

Chiellini? Cannelloni? …Biteman!

Luis Suarez’s “accidental loss of balance” that was only salvageable by sinking his teeth into Cannelloni (err… Chiellini?) and which had nothing to do with the two previous similarly hilarious “accidental losses of balance” was EPIC!

God bless you man, for not only did you make this World Cup one to be remembered for years to come but you granted us what I can only describe as…

Kudos to ACHTUNG!, Amsterdam-based creative agency for dreaming up this insanely addictive rendition of Pac, er.. Bite Man!

Now come on, Holland! Let’s go all the way! Netherlands 2014! Woop woop!

P.S. Have you seen what happens when the referee gets Suarez? Hilarious!