April 1, 2015

Dumb Ways to Die

This post is going to be particularly interesting (read: tough to tackle) because the campaign in question epitomizes digital excellence, leaving me with the fun task of writing an article that does it justice.

It all starts with a need… a problem that you’d like to solve. Remember when we talked about creating something of value? Yep… helping people avoid killing themselves will suffice.

Next? Planning, planning and more planning! Wasn’t it Albert Einstein who said that if he had an hour to solve a problem, he’d spend 55 minutes planning? (Close enough!) Hang on, what does ‘planning’ entail, really?

Answer these (not so) basic questions:

  • What are you trying to achieve? Why?
  • What does success look like? How will you measure it?
  • Who are you speaking to? How will you speak to them?
  • How do they like to be spoken to? Why will they care / remember?

If you can answer the above questions, half the battle is already won! What? Defining KPIs and tone of voice guidelines doesn’t excite you? Need little inspiration? Let’s fast forward to the result…

Intuitive information architecture, stunning design and killer content aside, digital marketers often have to rummage through their bag of tricks to answer the toughest question of all… how do you effectively execute (*chuckles* Get it? No? Keep reading…) your grand plan? What technology and platforms do you have at your disposal, where technology not only exists but is widely accepted and is actively sought out by your audience?

  • Create an HTML5 website for fast loading and diverse compatibility
  • Ensure said site is responsive / adaptive
  • Compliment your site with a series of apps on popular platforms
  • Roll out an integrated social media campaign

…are we missing something?

How can you justify funding public service announcements? …data and analytics!

Over 78 million hits on YouTube testify that planning is key to success.

Personally, I’d be really curious to see their site analytics. Specifically, bounce rate (I imagine this to be really low) and site clicks / interactions (I imagine this to be super high).

The proof is in the pudding as the clever chaps from Metro Australia have released a series of addictive mobile phone games and… *wait for it* …a follow up video!

Always remember… do not set your dad on fire! Also, be safe around trains.