January 1, 2017

Giga-Pixel Selfie Station

Bahrain is home. It’s a geographically-small and culturally-diverse island that is home to the friendliest (and most misunderstood) people in the Arab world.

Is it small? Yes! Is it possible to have a buzzing social life if you live here? That’s a matter of opinion. But, is it fun to visit? Yes!

For those who have never been, let’s get the basics out of the way.

1. Yes, everyone speaks English.
2. Yes, it’s safe.
3. Yes, I’m sure it’s safe.
4. I’m sure it’s safe because I live here.
5. Is it easy to interact with locals? Extremely! Just walk down the street and say hi to anyone, they’ll likely not only say hi back, but they might ask about your day.

Hmm… not very much. Rather, whatever it is doing… it’s not overly successful at it. So the question begs itself…

Is it possible to learn from another country’s jaw-dropping awesomeness?

Tourism Australia has launched a cool campaign that takes Giga-Pixel Selfies of Tourists who stand on specially marked areas at famous destinations across Australia. Once you go to the website on your mobile, you can trigger the ultra high resolution photos made of hundreds of photos that are automatically composed as as single image and sent straight to your device…

Life is but a series of fleeting moments… nanoseconds of entropy never to be relived… so why not make an everlasting and profound memory of such an experience?

IBM recently published a report on social media trends with a staggering statistic that 94% of consumers trust other consumers, rather than companies. Wouldn’t it be great if Bahrain, as a brand, enables its visitors and residents to do the digital word-of-mouth marketing on its behalf? Show off the beautiful capital-city skyline… the beautiful man-made island coastline… the stunning and diverse architecture where ancient and modern are but a stone’s throw apart… all emblazoned with everlasting smiles, to be shared repeatedly on social media and in cyberspace.

One thing is for sure… we may not have much… but we have plenty of spirit and respect for life. That has manifested in some of the most beautiful scenery to be found anywhere on our Earth… all you have to do is look through the lens of a Giga-Pixel Selfie Station.