July 1, 2015

Inspiration Corridor

A good solution is one that addresses a real need. A great solution is one that addresses more than one real need.

“I do not like shopping. It’s impossible to find my size and even when I do, the clothes never look quite as good on me as they do on the mannequin, despite the overzealous salesperson’s promises otherwise. Plus, I’m never quite sure what goes with what.”

– Frustrated Shopper

“I have a great product, deliver a great shopping experience and pay an insane amount in rent. I need more customers to walk through my doors to purchase goods.”

– Anxious Retailer

“I need to drive more and more footfall to my shopping center. After all, happy shoppers equals happy retailers equals higher rent equals happy shopping center.”

– Savvy Shopping Center

This 7 meter by 3 meter inspirational space is crammed with awesome (and readily available) technology.

As you venture inside, an infra-red Kinect camera equipped with Quividi and Pigdata technology detects your gender, approximate age and personal fashion style. You’re presented with a personalized mood-board of choices available at the mall.

Finally mustered up the courage to pick up a new pair of shoes in a style you don’t normally wear and haven’t the slightest clue what goes with them? A quick bar-code scan triggers the Socloz inventory database to present you with a mood-board of matching products and accessories.

Tap, tap tap… there… all done! Now what?

Sync your product selections to your smartphone through Klépierre’s mobile app and iBeacon technology will direct you to the store that has that item.

A fun and reassuring shopping experience with personalized expert advice at your finger tips. Increased traffic towards points of sale and immeasurable publicity. Chalk one up for technology!