June 1, 2015

Nescafé Alarm Clock

Nescafé was at one point the quintessential household name for coffee and sure, they’re still around, but something’s changed.

Starbucks swooped in and dazzled us all with their delicious crappucinos conveniently available at every corner worldwide. Nespresso then burst onto the scene and overnight, coffee became sexy – a fashion statement almost, with all of their newfangled machines and related jargon.

Y’know that expression “out of sight, out of mind”? Yeh, that expression. Do the exact opposite!

The classic Nescafé lid is made out of plastic. Holy smokes Batman! Isn’t that the same stuff that can be printed these days with those cool (read: categorically useless) 3D printers? Mhmm. Yup!