January 1, 2015

Augmented Reality Bus Shelter

You are exposed to countless marketing messages each day. Incidentally, I’ve looked it up and found guesstimates ranging from 247 to 3,000 per day. Even at the lower end of that spectrum… that’s a lot!

One can’t really argue that an advertising professional’s life gets easier over time, irrespective of whether or not the ‘bag of tricks’ grows with the proliferation of technology and advertising channels. I’d argue the contrary in fact… more technology to distract you from seeing my ad… more messages to distract you from hearing my call!

Hang on a minute… will I ever win?

Let’s be objective about this. Just how far outside of the box can you think? Can you stage an alien invasion? Can you summon flying saucers at will?  What about a meteor crash? Are you prepared to set a big cat loose on an unsuspecting bystander? You might have to, especially if the proverbial ‘box’ in question is a bus-stop billboard!

Pepsi Max have had a quick rummage through their ‘bag of tricks’ and seem to have found a compact camera, flat-screen, speakers and a spark of genius! All it took was a little smart choreography and cinematography. Bravo!