Designer Shaik

Client: Designer Shaik
Year: 2018
Instagram: @designershaik


Made in Arabia, the sheer aesthetics and uniqueness separates the brand from some other and there is no uncertainty of the universal intrigue which is reflected in the proceeded with exponential development over the globe. Designer Shaik is an interesting wonder that includes the sentiment of the desert and the soul of opportunity making wondrous blessings to be treasured, wanted and respected by all – achievable by few.

Commended by Royalty, Heads of State, Celebrities and World Media, Designer Shaik has a nearness in more than 50 nations with in excess of 800 of offer, achieving numerous far flung goals and rising above all societies.


MADigital’s team of social media experts distributed a regular stream of informative, bilingual, high quality photos and captions for our dear client, Designer Shaik’s instagram feed. The social media management proved to be a cost-effective solution that fit within the client’s monetary plan and helped raise a massive amount of recognition for Designer Shaik. The fully professional and consistent instagram feed was planned out and developed by MADigital in 2018 and content was written and translated by MADigital as well – an added bonus to help our clients more easily achieve their business goals.