Health Watchers

Client: Health Watchers
Year: 2018
Service: Social Media Management
Instagram: @healthwatchers_bhwi


Health Watchers is an eating regimen discussion focus which gives a total dietary arrangement that will enable you to adjust your standard dietary patterns and set clear objectives for solid way of life changes.

We, the dietitians, build up for every customer independently a customized eating regimen for weight reduction, weight gain, weight support or basically to enable them to design their dinners, settle on savvy decisions about their sustenance and stifle their desires and we ensure they will stay both solid and thin in the wake of working their way through our effective eating routine program, besides our normal follow up sessions will enable them to maintain a strategic distance from those baffling weight reduction weight gain cycles. We likewise have very specific eating regimens for helpful patients (for diabetes, dyslipidemia, uremia, hypertension… ) to ensure these patients are shedding pounds legitimately while keeping up their wellbeing profile.

Our nourishment when all is said in done is low in fat, salt and sugar, it’s all around adjusted and wealthy in nutrients, minerals and strands so as to address our body’s issues. The suppers are changed so as to be bring down in calories and fat while keeping up in the meantime an extraordinary taste, surface and introduction. We offer a wide assortment of oriental and occidental dishes and we continually present new dinners, sandwiches, servings of mixed greens and sweets to our expanded menu. The clients are given the freedom to pick their own altered menu, which will enable them to get persuaded and keep them from entering a “nourishment schedule” arrange.


MADigital’s team of social media experts distributed a regular stream of informative, bilingual, high quality photos and captions for our dear client, Health Watchers’ instagram feed. The social media management proved to be a cost-effective solution that fit within the client’s monetary plan and helped raise a massive amount of recognition for Health Watchers. The fully professional and consistent instagram feed was planned out and developed by MADigital in 2018 and content was written and translated by MADigital as well – an added bonus to help our clients more easily achieve their business goals.