Pingus English

Client: Pingus English
Year: 2018
Service: Social Media Management
Instagram: @pingusenglishbh


An instructive, fun and engaging kids’ English dialect course dependent on the colossally prevalent vivified TV character, Pingu.

Revolved around the consistent with life regular undertakings of Pingu and his family and companions, Pingu’s English instructs English to youthful offspring of 3-7+ years old and is conveyed to you by the Linguaphone Group, the worldwide dialect preparing supplier.


MADigital’s team of social media experts distributed a regular stream of informative, bilingual, high quality photos and captions for our dear client, Pingu’s English’s instagram feed. The social media management proved to be a cost-effective solution that fit within the client’s monetary plan and helped raise a massive amount of recognition for Pingu’s English. The fully professional and consistent instagram feed was planned out and developed by MADigital in 2018 and content was written and translated by MADigital as well – an added bonus to help our clients more easily achieve their business goals.