Wadi Accelerator

Client: Wadi Accelerator
Year: 2018
Service: WEBSITE
Website: www.wadiaccelerator.com


The Oman Accelerator Fund is a seed organize store and quickening agent program, established by the Oman Tech Fund, prompted by 500 Startups.

​Wadi Accelerator will fundamentally contribute post-item, with some client footing and proof of item/showcase fit at the seed organize at an underlying ticket size of US $100K for 10% value. Wadi Accelerator, are currently putting resources into pursuing rounds between US $100K-400K.


MADigital’s gathering of experts built a creative, bilingual, multi-page site for our dear client, Wadi Accelerator. The site ended up being a reasonable course of action that fit inside the client’s budgetary arrangement and helped raise basic care for Wadi Accelerator. The totally responsive site was organized and made by MADigital in 2018 and content was created and deciphered by MADigital as well – a unique reward to help Wadi Accelerator all the more viably achieve their business targets. We have made a Google Analytics account and facilitated it with the site, similarly as executing all huge particular and off-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) measures.