December 1, 2014

Drive it Like You Hate it

Sounds fancy, but what’s this all about… really?

In 1962, Amil Gargano helped introduce Volvo to America with a simple yet powerful line that made the Swedish car brand stand out…

In 2011, Google partnered with Volvo to re-imagine and re-create an idea that defined the advertising industry years ago and inspire a new generation of marketers.

So… what did they do?

The original campaign featured a Volvo being pushed to its performance limits by a rally car driver, while the copy speaks of a Volvo’s average lifespan of 11 years in tough conditions.

The Re: Brief brought the car to life by telling the tale of Irv Gordon, proud owner of a ’66 Volvo P 1800 S that has now clocked well over 3 million miles and counting!

 Content really is king!

The digital promotional avenues are really mind boggling! …targeted display ads, re-marketing, customized user-experiences per device, HTML 5 micro-sites, etc. It all boils down to the message… the truth… the story… content!

Watch the long version (below) and listen to Amil himself tell you that “content is king”.