November 1, 2015

SCiO: What am I eating?

SCiO is a pocket-sized molecular sensor patented by Consumer Physics Inc.

Ever walked into a supermarket hungry? *Loud opera-singer-voice belting out MISTAAAAAKE!* Yup. Been there. Done that. Sigh…

All those yummy looking foods are calling your name? Can you hear them? A vibrantly red apple. A deliciously ripe mango or watermelon. Wanna know just how calorific they really are? ZAP! There. Now walk away. No, really. Walk away. Slowly turn. Exit the supermarket!

Life, as we know it, will never be the same again… NOT!

Sure, it syncs to your phone and gives you nutritional information mapped against daily recommended values, but it doesn’t really impress me. Why? It’s not practical!

How awesome would it be to have a flashlight that you can switch on and off with your smartphone? Ooooh! Aaaaah! *snore* It’s just not practical!

Why isn’t this fancy-shmancy sensor built into my iPhone, in the same way the flashlight is? Seems to me the way forward would be to develop the hardware, enhance it (read: make it so small you can’t even see it) and sell it to mobile handset manufacturers.

I mean, honestly now, are you going to walk around all day with some silly sensor in your pocket? Really? Hah!

The crazy things is…

…the product doesn’t even exist yet. It’s but a mere Kickstarter campaign (read: figment of someone’s imagination) at this stage. Yet, it has been oversubscribed by… you guessed it… more than 10 times its funding goal! How crazy is that?

Well… as that old saying goes… what the uninformed stomach wants…