April 1, 2017

Second Life Caps

True… this is possibly one of the best product-marketing gimmicks, er… I mean, campaigns I’ve seen in quite a while. True… even though the intention may have been to move product, this could have a small (read: insignificant) and very temporary impact on recycling in some local communities – kudos Coca Cola!

You gotta ask yourself… would you actually use this stuff?

Yup, I would! In fact, think about all of the different product-marketing stunts that all brands have pulled in the last 5 years and ask yourself, which 10 would you be most likely to actually use, albeit temporarily? My guess is that 9 out of 10 would be Coke’s. Don’t you think?

Some of the caps are really cool!

Apparently there’s 16 in total (even though this campaign will never make it over to our part of the world, sigh…) and you get a bunch of them with every purchase of a 6-pack. You’ve got whistles, squirt bottles, paint brushes, bubble makers, and a stack more. The ones I’d really like to try are the pencil sharpener (awesome idea) and the water pistol (looks insanely fun).