January 1, 2016

The Apple i-Watch is Finally Here!

Steve Jobs gave us the very first iPhone and revolutionized the concept of a smartphone. He then gave us the first ever iPad and convinced us that we just cannot live without one. Now that he’s up in Apple heaven, one question remains…

The much-anticipated release of Apple’s iWatch has spurred rumors and crazy hype! When Late Night talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel had some fun with that fact, it emerged that users trust Apple so much that they’d be willing to pay big bucks for a 20 dollar Apple-branded Casio watch. Freaky eh?

When told that the cheap watch was actually Apple’s latest and greatest iWatch, they were impressed that “it’s very lightweight and kinda old school, but in style.” They were even impressed that the “always in airplane mode” watch shows the hour, minute and second, as well as the date. Oooooh! It also has an alarm! How cool is that?!

“I would pretty much buy anything from Apple!”

The award for most profound comment though goes to ‘blonde lady’ at 3 minutes and 8 seconds into the video with “Apple is a brand name that I love and I have the computer, the phone and the iPad. So, because it’s Apple that would be what would impress me.”

Have you pre-ordered yours yet?