March 1, 2017

The Easy Order Button

The simplest solutions are often the best solutions.

If you can create demand and simultaneously eliminate a step or two in the supply chain or product delivery mechanism, you’re golden! And Domino’s have done just that.

My dream pie would be…

It would be just heaven to configure that button to deliver a medium double-melt extravaganza pizza on demand.

Sadly, as with almost all amazing things in life, this is only available in the US and will soon be available in the UK. I suppose I should be grateful that Domino’s have spared my flabby bits the extra flab for now.

…but what about that other pizza place. What are they called again? Pizza Hut?

Oh right, those guys! Yeh, what did they do recently that got them a bit of publicity? It was some pizza-box projector thing wasn’t it?

Now I’ll admit that’s pretty awesome, but is what Pizza Hut created anything more than a gimmick, really?

Think about it… yeh it’s a novel idea… that will probably get really old really quickly. I mean, a crappy resolution movie with poor sound quality. Not to mention the hassle of setting it up, which is obviously never going to be shown on a beautifully-designed and choreographed promo-video! Is that enough reason to keep ordering that brand of pizza over and over?

Ten points to Domino’s for a gimmick that may just actually work!