September 1, 2014

Ice Cube Throwing Championship

Brands seldom are directly responsible for getting their products into your hands – unless their name is Apple of course. Instead, they create a product and instantly a vast supply chain swings into action with each cog in the intricate delivery mechanism adding a little sliver to the ever-increasing figure you’ve got to shell out. Unfortunately its equally rare to have each money-hungry cog serve you as best as they possibly can.

With the launch of 51 Rosé, a new addition to the Pernod Ricard portfolio designed to target younger female customers, the brains at Pernod Ricard have managed to leverage the flaws in its supply chain to create some great publicity for their latest rosé wine.

The results are staggering:

  • 5,125 participating outlets
  • Over 4,000,000 ice cubes thrown
  • Insane amount of exposure for 51 Rosé

Will this forever guarantee augmented reality a spot in the mainstream? Well.. no. But what an amazing idea!