December 2, 2020

The Subtle Art of 3D Illustration

3D Illustrations have been around for quite a while and they’ve been used in advertisements and graphic design for years. There has been a specific trend in the world of graphic design that incorporates the use of 3D clay and simple geometric shapes. These designs have a quality of depth and realism that gives designers the freedom to go beyond the world of two dimensions.

The benefit of these 3D illustrations comes in its unparalleled ability in attracting an audience and snatching their attention.

3D illustrations have been quite effective in adding a touch of quirkiness to advertisements, appealing to millennials and younger generations in general. The vibrant colors and 3D qualities also tend to appear especially attractive on screen and on billboards.

To get a glimpse of the powerful tool of 3D illustrations, check out these super cool ads of popular companies that have used them:



Huawei P20 Pro




Nike Air