September 1, 2014

Volvo and Apple CarPlay

While Jobs revolutionized the industry, and by ‘the’ I mean every single industry he could get his innovative hands on, it seems that someone’s been Cook-ing up a slightly different approach to world domination – strategic partnerships!

“Volvo and Apple join forces to make Apple’s widely-used operating system available to drivers, bringing together one of the world’s most progressive car companies and the world’s most famous technology company.

While there’s been all of this talk about Google’s driver-less vehicle as the ‘thing’ of the future, it seems that Apple and Volvo have been living in the now. The promising ‘CarPlay’ sounds like the answer to many an (up until now) unheard prayer as it’ll not only let you answer calls, send messages and blast your favourite tunes – all with full Siri voice control, it’ll work with certain third party apps like Spotify.

It isn’t just Volvo who have jumped on the bandwagon. In fact, Ferrari, Jaguar, Honda and a few others are set to roll out CarPlay enabled cars as early as later this year.

Only one question remains… how can one jailbreak #CarPlay in order to use #GoogleMaps instead of Apple’s monstrosity?