Been to the Cinema Lately?
September 28, 2019
Cinema movie posters are taken as an opportunity to choose where a film is placed in the market, and what audiences the filmmakers are targeting.

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Alert: Social Media Trends for 2019
February 9, 2019
Engagement rates have somewhat dropped in the latter part of 2018. Therefore, in order to counter this phenomenon in 2019, one must try harder to drive engagement... but how?

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Save Your Money and Live Better
February 7, 2019
Discovery invites its customers to “Join Vitality” on any device to earn “points” whenever they “take a step to understand or improve” their health.

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Second Life Caps
April 1, 2017
Think about all of the different product-marketing stunts that all brands have pulled in the last 5 years and ask yourself, which 10 would you be most likely to actually use?

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The Easy Order Button
March 1, 2017
If you can create demand and simultaneously eliminate a step or two in the supply chain or product delivery mechanism, you're golden! And Domino's have done just that.

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The Future of Driving
February 1, 2017
Despite the obvious novelty of seeing a Volvo on the roads around here, the brand does seem to be something of a media superstar of late... the future of driving!

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Giga-Pixel Selfie Station
January 1, 2017
Life is but a series of fleeting moments... nanoseconds of entropy never to be relived... so why not make an everlasting and profound memory of such an experience?

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Merry Thanksgiving?
October 1, 2016
If you wanna go all out and create a campaign that really makes an impact - keeping with the travel slash holidays theme of course - then try this...

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Lesson 02: Responsive Design
September 1, 2016
Responsive design is where your website adjusts to any screen size, irrespective of the browsing device, whether desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

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Talking Water Fountain
August 1, 2016
I think it's about time we create a healthier Arab world and offer water to the vast number of expatriates and citizens living their lives in 50+ degree weather.

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Beautiful Bento Boxes
April 1, 2016
You’ve got an awesome proprietary product that is original and awe-inspiring. You’ve grabbed the hearts and attention of thousands. Is it just a fad? Find out.

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Daisy Treats for Daisy Tweets
March 1, 2016
Marc Jacobs is a fashion brand. It has nothing to do with flowers. Yet, if you tweet #mjdaisychain, you get a free daisy and some free goodies! And why not? It's free!

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SCiO: What am I eating?
November 1, 2015
It’s but a mere Kickstarter campaign (read: figment of someone’s imagination) at this stage. Yet, it has been oversubscribed by 10 times its funding goal!

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Kick ass in interviews!
October 1, 2015
While there is no one sure guide to performing well in an interview, this article aims to offer some words of wisdom from my experience and research about interviews.

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Volkswagen: Texting While Driving
September 1, 2015
In a packed cinema hall, Volkswagen hijacked everyone’s cell phone to prove just how distracting, harmful and dangerous texting and driving can be.

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Inspiration Corridor
July 1, 2015
As you venture inside, an infra-red Kinect camera equipped with Quividi and Pigdata technology detects your gender, approximate age and personal fashion style.

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Nescafé Alarm Clock
June 1, 2015
Nescafé was at one point the quintessential household name for delicious coffee brewed at home and sure, they’re still around, but something has changed.

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Dumb Ways to Die
April 1, 2015
This post is going to be particularly interesting because the campaign in question epitomizes digital excellence, leaving me to write an article that does it justice.

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Juventus Live!
March 1, 2015
Follow live matches, check stats, scream and shout in real-time as the goals go flying in. All on your very own sofa! If only any of us supported Juventus…

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The Grandparents Frame
February 1, 2015
Do I miss mum and dad? YES! Do they miss me? Hmmm.. they haven’t called me in a few days.. I hope they do! What about you? Do you miss yours?

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Augmented Reality Bus Shelter
January 1, 2015
Pepsi Max have had a quick rummage through their ‘bag of tricks’ and seem to have found a compact camera, flat-screen, speakers and a spark of genius!

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Drive it Like You Hate it
December 1, 2014
In 2011, Google partnered with Volvo to re-imagine and re-create an idea that defined the advertising industry years ago and inspire a new generation of marketers.

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Moto 360: It’s Time
November 1, 2014
Ooooh! Aaaah! Pebble. Galaxy Gear. Moto 360. Fascinating! *snore* Wearable tech has been here all along! Don’t believe me? Think about it. So why hasn’t it worked yet?

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Ice Cube Throwing Championship
September 1, 2014
With the launch of 51 Rosé, Pernod Ricard have managed to leverage the flaws in its supply chain to create some great publicity for their latest rosé wine.

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Volvo and Apple CarPlay
September 1, 2014
Volvo and Apple join forces to make Apple’s widely-used operating system available to drivers, to make driving and multimedia converge beautifully.

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